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Human Resource Videos

adidas: The Future Talent Program

This video for the adidas Group, India’s “Future Talent Program”, is about how they hire trainees who will work on live projects for the company and contribute fresh ideas and real life situational based solutions. This gives the company an advantage of knowing the brand fitness of the candidate while on the job and in the process spots the future talents.

Ranbaxy: Recruitment Video

This video was created to use for recruiting new employees into Ranbaxy. It shows the history of the company, its legacy and why new employees should consider a career at Ranbaxy.

adidas: Rewards Roadshow

This video is a summary of the adidas rewards roadshow program and its benefits.


Ranbaxy: Performance Appraisal Methodology

This video was specially created for Ranbaxy under the expertise of Vijyoti, an HR consulting firm. Vijyoti developed a unique Performance Management System for Ranbaxy and we produced a video that cast professional actors in real life situations where the best practices of this unique performance appraisal methodology were demonstrated. This is a trailer for that video as the video it self is proprietary content, not to be shared in the public domain.